Discovery of New Horse-Rider variety of Kumaragupta Gold Coins at Srijang, Dist. Balasore and its Historical Significance.

Conova: The First Exponent of Neo-Classic Era, A Peep into the Imitations of Canova's Works in Salar Jung Museum.

The Origin of Ganga Dynasty-A New Insight

Sthaneswara Temple Inscription-Manjuri of Time of Gajapati Purisottam Deva of Bhoi Dynasty

Radhakanta Temple Copperplate of Sri Chaitanya Deva of Khemundi Kingdom, Saka Year 14.

Study on Nucleus of Spiritual and Material Cultures of Mahandi River Valley.

Headless Goddess of Nuapada-Orissa (A Study of its Antiquity and Identity)

A Study on Social Transformation of Arakhakuda, an Ethnic Coastal Village near Chilika Lake.


Bandana Parab-A Thanks Giving Ceremony of the Kudmis.

Arms Collection of Orissa State Museum

Oral Tradition of Huma and Legitimisation of Chauhan Rule.

Tantric Buddhism in Boud and its Development
Religious Epithet in Orissan Inscription

Archaeology and the Maritime History of Ancient Orissa.

Somlai: A unique Image in India

Contribution of Europeans to Orissan Historiography.
Maritime Relation of Kalinga with Srilanka
Historical Importance of Cuttack Town

The Practice of Siva Worship Inside the Temple Premises of Goddess Viraja of Jajpur

Process of Purification in Tantrayoga Practice.
Maraguda Valley Excavations
Blue Hill : Book Review