Museum and Intangible heritage
An Interesting Legend of Jaraimata Temple at Barwasagar

The real birth place of Buddha

Nagas in the sculptural decorations of early west-Orissan emples

Didactic ways of Indian folk-tales

Panoramic Palamleaf manuscripts of Orissa

An Extant Sculpture of Bhairava at Patnagarh

The animal motifs on Indian coins
Ramayan in Orissan art with special reference to a Ramayana scene discovered within Lingaraj Complex

Museum and Education
The linguistic movement in the 19th Century Orissa

Land measures in early medieval Orissa

Concept and Origin of Sacred Tanks

Preservation of Library materials
Tantric influence in jain rituals
Analysis of metallic compositions of Kushana Copper Coins of Orissa State Museum

Traditional Pattern of Leadership among the Koya Society of Malkanagiri

A study of Jaina activity in Western Orissa