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Geographical Indications (GIs) of Odisha

SDC Cup - 2020

Odia Language and Literature
Madhusudan Das : The Pride of Odisha

Spectacular Solar Eclipses Visible in Odisha
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The Odia Identity Movement and
Maharaja K. C. Gajapati Narayan Deo
Utkala Gourav Madhusudan : A Tribute
Utkal Dibas

The Peasant Movements in Odisha 1936-1990

Ganga Temple Architecture: A Study on
Ananta Vasudev Temple in Bhubaneswar

Professor Krishna Chandra Panigrahi and Odishan Historiography
Definitions of Astanga Yoga of
Maharshi Patanjal
Last Year of Gopabandhu’s Life
Digital Platform to Defeat COVID-19
Reworking Sanitation Management
in Backdrop of Covid-19
Rambha Palace : An Altar of Odia Movement