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Lord Jagannath : The Lord of the Universe
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Brief History of Odisha
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Industrial Policy-2001
The Odisha Industries ( Facilitation) Act - 2004
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Information Technology Policy of Odisha, 1998 and 2004
State Excise Policy - 2004-2005
State Resorvoir Fishery Policy
Advertisement Policy of Government of Odisha - 1998
Odisha Press Accreditation Rules - 1994
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Background to the Right to Information
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Right to Information Bill - 2004
Kalinga in South East Asia
Maritime Tradition of Odisha
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Utkal Sammilani : Background to the Formation of Separate Odisha
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Name of the Governors of Odisha
Name of the Oriya Freedom Fighters and Statesmen who have become Governors in Other States 
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Chief Secretaries of Odisha from 1936
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Development Commissioner, Agriculture Production Commissioner Principal Secretaries, Commissioner-cum-Secretaries and Secretaries
Dates of  Constitution and Dissolution  of the  O.L.A
President's Rule in Odisha
Name of the Vice-Chancellors of the Universities of Odisha
Forest at a Glance
Number of N.G.Os. in the Districts
List of Public Sector Undertakings with their Address
Urban Bodies in Odisha
Co-operation at a Glance - 2004
Tribal Communities of Odisha (District-wise)
Tribal Communities of Odisha
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All India Radio
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