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Remembering Biju Babu

Role and Effectiveness of Political
Leaders : A Conceptual Study

Poetess Kuntala Kumari Sabat

Socio-Cultural Life of Didayee
Tribes of Malkangiri
Necessity of Promoting Woman in the Field
of Governance as a Political Leader at the
Village Level in Odisha
Political Evolution in Ex-Princely State of
Patna Under the Dynamic Leadership of
Maharaja Rajendra Narayan Singh Deo

Women Empowerment through Golden Grass Craft in Rural Odisha

An Overview Upon Some Existing
Palaces of Odisha
Evokes Zoonotic Coronavirus
Quit India Movement in Odisha with
Special Reference to Balasore District

Four Pillars of a School

Role of Police in the Rehabilitation of
Released Prisoners of Western Odisha : A Critical Appraisal
Biju Patnaik : A Legendary Hero
Pramod Pati : Father of Indian
New Wave Cinema
Reminiscence of Biju Babu
Women in Science
Address of Hon'ble Governor of Odisha
Prof. Ganeshi Lal to the Odisha Legislative
Assembly on 18th February, 2021